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Outdoor Stair Lifts


Mobility limitations can make it difficult to traverse porch stairs, uneven surfaces, and other outdoor obstacles.  For some, these challenges can limit how often they are able to get out and enjoy their yard, vegetable garden, or patio.  Don’t stay stuck in your own home.  Call or visit AmeriGlide of Kenosha and find out just how affordable it can be to purchase and install an outdoor stair lift.

An outdoor stair lift will look and operate like any other model, but offers the extra protection of being completely weatherproof.  Every electrical and mechanical component has been safeguarded so your lift won’t be damaged through exposure to the elements.  Protective coverings will also keep the seat clean, dry, and always ready for use.  

To learn more and out our outdoor stair lifts, stop by our local AmeriGlide of Kenosha and store and take one for a test drive.